Crystal Creek Leather is a small family owned company dedicated to making superior quality products made here in the U.S.A.     

We started with leather belts and found that the Full Grain Leather is the highest quality and strength of all leather types.  This was the leather we wanted for OUR belts...for OUR customers.  Nothing less than the best would do.  It was also important to us that every step we take in the process of making our belts, from selecting the best quality hides to the handcrafting of each belt, be done in our shop here in the United States.  We knew that this would ensure the highest quality leather products for our customers.   This is a belt that will last for years.

Our experienced leather craftsmen proudly handcraft each product we sell.  We feel by giving our customers the best quality products, we will have a customer for life.  

Each product we develop is carefully designed, produced and inspected before we offer them to our customers.   

Our Wallet product is in development. When we feel they are at the high standards we have set for all of our products, we will add them to our product line in our store for you, our customer.

Thank you

Crystal Creek Leather LLC